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By becoming a founding member, you can help us establish a shop where we can wrench together, have social rides and gatherings, have a place to help folks expand their bike mechanic skills, maybe even helping some find a new career path. But most importantly, you will be giving to the Huntsville Community.

For an annual membership of fifty dollars, we will give a thank you gift of a HUBS Coop tee-shirt

Membership in the coop will give you full access to the shop during regular hours when we have an established shop. Members also nominate and vote to select the coop board.



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Huntsville Urban Bike Share Coop is a 501(c)(3) organization, (Tax ID 85-1172072). We are dedicated to getting bikes out of storage and into the community. We advocate for transportation options that allow all people of all ages and abilities to have and exercise the freedom of mobility. We advocate for safe infrastructure for pedestrians, bicycles, and all types

of vehicles. We teach folks how to maintain safe equipment and help folks research and find reusable parts and equipment. We believe that Community is built on a foundation of mobility freedom! 

One of HUBS Coop's goals is to set up a bike repair facility in or near the Mill Creek Neighborhood. We would like to help train and teach young adults how to repair and refurbish older bikes and make them safe for the purpose of getting them into the hands of our target population through an "earn a bike program". A qualified recipient could do volunteer community work and earn a bike with a helmet, lights, and a lock.