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The program teaches young people how to repair bikes, bike maintenance, and bike riding safety. 


Kids who have successfully participated in and finish the program get to keep their project bicycle.


In rebuilding the bike, kids will learn about tools, parts and determine the appropriate installation and specification of various replacement parts. All aspects of the program will emphasize bicycle safety, such as rules of the road, safe riding habits, and safe maintenance of tools and bikes, on the road and in the shop. HUBS Coop will provide successful graduates of the program with a helmet, bike lights, and a lock.



Bike anatomy, the parts of a bike, and how they work including: 

  • Headset tube, front fork, and handlebars, 

  • Bottom brackets, cranks, and chains, 

  • Brakes, all types and how they work,

  • Shifters and drivetrain, 

  • Wheels and hubs, trueing, inspecting hubs and greasing;

  • Tires and tubes, changing, patching, checking.

Tools and how to use them.

Safe bike riding habits on urban streets!

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